Students should apply online through the college website:

Applications are accepted from the 1st of December each year. The first round of interviews are held in March. Students applying after the March interviews will be interviewed in late May and those applying after May will be interviewed in late August/early September. Interviewees will be invited for interview via text and email, so it is important that a working mobile number and email address are carefully recorded on application.

Note: There are no application fees applicable and all applications are made through


Application Procedure for International Students

Application Procedure for International StudentsDIFE welcomes and values students from all over the world. All courses in DIFE are conducted through English. All students must prove that they have the sufficient competency in English prior to commencing a programme of study. The following administrative arrangements also apply:

  • All international students must provide appropriate identification documentation and comply fully with the residency requirements of the Irish Government.
  • Non-EU citizens will be required to pay an economic fee as determined by the Department of Education and Skills.
  • Applications can only be made by Non-EU citizens if they are resident in Ireland at the time of application.
  • This fee is presently €3,653 per year (subject to change). Some categories of Non-EU citizens may be exempt from the economic fee.
  • The college will not engage in any way in the process of visa application.



Registration for all students takes place in late August/early September. Students will be notified by post in advance of their registration day. Students will not be officially registered with the college until all fees are paid or proof of exemption status is submitted e.g. copy of SUSI grant approval, medical card or proof of Back to Education allowance.