Pre-University Law with Criminology

Level 5

Pre-University Law with Criminology

Course Code: 5M3789


Course Content: 

  • Legal Practice and Procedures
  • Business Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Word Processing
  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Criminology
  • Family Law


QQI Level 5 Certificate in Legal Studies.


The purpose of this course is to give a solid introduction to Law and Criminology for students wishing to obtain a legal or other qualification at Universities and Institutes of Technology. It introduces students to the methods of study, writing and research skills necessary for successful participation at Third Level.

This course is a viable alternative route to Third Level College entry for students (school leavers or mature students) who wish to complete a foundation year before progressing. This course also provides learners with knowledge and skills for employment.

Progression & Career Options: 

The majority of students progress to Law or Arts Degree programmes in:






TU Dublin (City Campus)



NUI Galway

IT Carlow

Letterkenny IT

Maynooth University

There are 175 places reserved in Arts in Maynooth University for QQI Level 5 certificate holders.

This also provides a route to enter Law programmes in Maynooth University in Year 2.

Course Code and QQI Title:  5M3789 Legal Studies  

DIFE Course Title:  Pre-University Law with Criminology

Level 7 and 8 Courses to which this course is linked:

UCD Law, Social Science, Humanities, Law and Business. 
DCU Law and Society, International Relations. 
UCC, TU Dublin (City Campus), UL, TCD Law.
UCC Law, Arts, Criminology, Business. 
Maynooth University Law, Social Science, Business. 
Entry to a range of other courses in Institutes of Technology.

This is not an exhaustive list.  Applicants are advised at all times to confirm linked Awards, any additional module requirements, application processes and scoring systems with the Admissions Offices of the participating higher education institutions, or visit 

Course Code and QQI Title:  5M3789 Legal Studies  

DIFE Course Title:  Pre-University Law with Criminology


Student Registration Fee € 200
PLC Government Levy € 200
QQI Exam Fee € 50
Course Fees/Materials
DIFE Total € 450
Note – Some courses may require the learner to purchase relevant industry-specific material for their own use which may not be included in the course fees outlined above. 
€30 of the Student Registration Fee is non-refundable. All fees are subject to change.


Having worked as a singer and musician for over 20 years, when the global pandemic hit and the arts and entertainment industry came grinding to a halt, I, like so many other people, found myself having to reevaluate my path in life. Although challenging, I took this unique opportunity to pursue new skills by returning to education and applied to DIFE to study the Pre-University Law with Criminology course. With the current climate, the course was predominantly online, so, unfortunately, I didn’t get the full experience of student life in DIFE. However, my experience of DIFE was nothing but positive. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found studying law fascinating. The tutors were all extremely encouraging and supportive, helping me to gain the skills and the confidence to further my academic studies at university. I was delighted to be accepted to Trinity College Dublin, where I will start my law degree in September. I would highly recommend DIFE to anyone considering returning to education. For me personally, it was one of the best decisions I have made.  

Sharon  Campbell (Class of 2021)
Pre – University Law & Criminology Graduate

I studied Pre – University Law & Criminology in DIFE as a mature student. This course prepared me for the future at college and there were lots of advantages to the course.  For example, I could experience real life in a solicitor’s practice by doing work experience; I learned how to write long essays; and construct legal arguments using important tools such as OSCOLA and the ILAC structure.   I gained new skills such as how to get prepared for and answer appropriately in an interview; how to use different computer tools; to partake in video recorded assignments; to participate in team assignments; and to present Powerpoint presentations.  This course helped me also to figure out if I like the law or not.  I got lots of support from DIFE with my assignments or anything I struggled with. Now, I’ve been accepted to Trinity as a mature student to study Law, and everything was possible because of the support of the team at DIFE.   

Florentina  Chelaru (Class of 2021)
Pre – University Law & Criminology Graduate