Well at long last we have received all the portfolio results back for this years Art Group B and Fashion students. It has been an unprecedented year for us with COVID having a huge impact on our students and their experience with us in DIFE. We had a good strong run working in the studio from September until Christmas albeit the staggered timetable and restricted numbers in at the one time. Our students have been absolutely incredible this year and the portfolio results and feedback from the 3rd Level Colleges of Art and Design have only proved that more to us.


Empty COVID Studio

After Christmas was a hectic time for us all. We had portfolios to mount, briefs to finish, CAO applications to submit and to upload all work digitally for each College portfolio portal for assessment. Each college had their own portal and system for assessing the work. The first colleges to come back with results to us were Crawford, Limerick and TUDublin. The results were spectacular and the students were on a high!

Every single student that applied to Crawford in Cork was successful but not only successful some achieved full marks of 600 in their portfolios!

Every student that applied to Limerick School of Art and Design was also successful in their applications. Again we had a number of our Art Group B and Fashion students achieving full marks of 600 for their portfolios.

Every year we have a big number of our graduates progress to TUDublin. TUDublin offers a number of courses for our students and has become a popular college of choice amongst our students. Every student that applied to TUDublin was successful in their portfolio submission. Again we had a number of students getting full marks of 600 for their portfolios.

The wait was on for IADT and NCAD to issue their results! They certainly kept us waiting. This is an anxious time for students and the sooner the results come in the better as it keeps the students focused on the main goal of securing as many Distinctions in their QQI Award as possible. The fact that we were working remotely since Christmas hasn’t helped but students have kept the momentum going with alot of hard work and guidance from teachers.

The results finally came in from IADT and we were delighted that all that applied were successful with their results, again with some getting full marks for their portfolios.. NCAD results came through eventually and again students did amazingly well. We are delighted to say that all our students that compiled a portfolio of work this year has been successful in one or more of the colleges that they have applied for!

27 portfolios were mounted and submitted and every student has been successful in their applications to 3rd Level. The job now is to secure those offers with full QQI Awards. We have worked especially hard this year under difficult conditions and circumstances and we are super proud of all our students that have worked alongside us. We wish you every success in your end of year assessments and wish you every success in your progression to 3rd Level next year!