At DIFE we want to provide a vibrant, interactive and supportive environment for our students. We have invested in significant resources to ensure all learners gain the support required to be successful in their programme. The environment in DIFE combines student support services and flexible social learning areas that maximise the latest technology to support learners with their programme of study in the college.


Learning Hub

The Learning Hub can help you develop the skills you need to succeed in your studies. The team work closely with academic staff to offer workshops tailored to upcoming assessments and course specific academic skills, as well as offering personalised tutorials. Having effective academic skills from the start will make for a more enjoyable college experience – you’ll find the work easier, save time and get more out of your course and achieve more!

Dedicated staff work alongside learners to establish methods to overcome academic challenges to ensure all learners make progress suitable to their individual requirements. The Learning Hub team offers students the help and guidance with a variety of academic skills, assignment writing assistance, exam preparation tips and support with specific learning difficulties to ensure all learners can reach their potential.

The Learning Hub team offers help and advice with:

  • Academic Skills
  • Essay Writing and Academic Language
  • Time Management
  • Exam Preparation and Revision Strategies
  • Effective Notetaking

The Hub also acts as a drop-in service where learners in the college can get advice and support informally if required.



The library at DIFE is key to supporting teaching and learning in the college. The state of the art facility comprises of study pods, computer facilities and an extensive catalogue of books and resources. The library is a central space for study, research and support. From solo studying to group work and research projects, our library has space and resources for study and work of all kinds.

You can check the library opening times on Moodle or contact the library desk for the most up-to-date information.


Student Printing

Students will be provided with an annual one-off credit for printing/photocopying. When your credit has been used, students can purchase top-ups using their Student ID, payments can be made on the online admissions portal.


Guidance and Counselling Service

DIFE students can access the free and confidential guidance services on offer in the college. Our fantastic and knowledgeable guidance team can guide and support you with researching and applying to higher education. The team works extensively with students supporting their CAO UCAS, and EUNiCAS applications. The team also works with mature learners advising and establishing the best career path based on each learners’ commitments and ensuring a realistic and achievable pathway is devised based on the needs of the learner.

Additionally, the team provide great supports to learners with any personal issues or anxiety concerns, providing a supportive and safe environment for students to share any concerns. The team can also advise on relevant supports available outside the college and link you in with professional services and supports if required.



DIFE welcomes applications from all prospective students and is committed to supporting those with disabilities, learning difficulties, specific medical conditions and special needs. The college is committed to providing the advice, information and support to assist learners succeed in their studies in the college. It is the responsibility of each learner to disclose their educational needs as early as possible so applications can be processed, and the required supports put in place where possible.

Funding is provided by the Higher Education Authority (HEA)/SOLAS under the Fund for Students With Disabilities (FSD). The purpose of the FSD is to assist further and higher education institutions in ensuring students with disabilities have the necessary assistance and equipment to enable them access, fully participate in and successfully complete their chosen course of study.

Click here for further information on the Fund for Students with Disabilities.